I looked out from under the bill of my cap at Sarah. I couldn't get over how sexy she looked lying on her towel in the sand. I knew I shouldn't be looking at her or thinking of her in that way. She was, after all, my wife's younger sister. But how could any man not want to look at a beautiful tanned body in a tiny blue string bikini. Sarah was never one to bother with guys. I think she


We all get born into a family, Almost a lottery, Some are lucky, Others less so. But some of us Get a second family, Not one by the luck of a draw, But one we choose. She had great fortune, Taken into her new family. Welcomed with open arms, Warmth and love radiating. Now she is never alone, Sisters by her side, He who always protects And the one who holds her heart. He,

eBook Review: The Accidental Cougar by Sommer Marsden (@sommer_marsden)

The Accidental CougarI love me some Sommer Marsden. I haven’t yet read a book of hers that I haven’t liked, and this one is no exception. The Accidental Cougar tells the story of Abby, an early-forties woman who’s just come out of a twenty-plus-year marriage and is just learning how to cope with the huge change to her life.

When she meets Charlie, though, things are turned upside down. He’s gorgeous, funny and is attracted to her – but he’s only just older than her kids. Abby’s just as attracted to Charlie, but really struggles to get past the age gap between them. Can she manage it before Charlie gets fed up of being messed around and moves on?

This was a fantastic read. Told in Marsden’s typical engaging, true-to-life style, I was immediately pulled into the story as I learned about Abby and her background. She’s an incredibly likeable character, with flaws and insecurities, and I found myself seriously rooting for her throughout.

Charlie’s adorable, too. Cute, sexy, and fun, he’s so hot for Abby that you can almost feel it radiating off the page! I rooted for Charlie, too, finding myself hoping he’d get what he wanted. I’m not going to give any spoilers, however, so I’ll just round off this review by saying this is a down-to-earth, funny, sexy, smart book that any fan of erotic romance should have on their eReader.

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A Simple Affair–Elaine and Francine

Elaine was putting the final touches on her makeup. Another day of teaching beckoned her. As she finished, she thought about the events of the last year. The divorce from Vic was as amicable as she could have hoped. Before it became final, he sat down with her to make sure she had everything she needed. He had come to understand her love for Francine, and even admitted that they made a