The slight yellow glow of sunset was filtering through the dusty windshield, the shadows dancing across the car interior. My wife was sitting beside me curled up in the front seat of our SUV, her curvy white creamy legs sliding free out of the bottom of her red summer dress. The fabric gripping up her hips as she rolled and shifted her weight in the seat. I couldn't help stealing glances of

Secret Sex

One day, while driving near the college campus, I hit something in the road and blew out a tire. Well, my flat tire turned out to be a blessing in disguise when this nice young college student offered to change the tire for me. He removed his shirt so not to get it dirty, and we chatted as he worked and I couldn't keep my eyes off the dark chocolate skin of his well-shaped muscular body. I

A Locked Door

Taking his headphones off, Jon put his coat and backpack onto the coat rack. Silence took the place of the music as he walked further into his family's house. Even though it had been a year since his parents had passed away, the silence of walking into his house was one thing that Jon would never get used to. Back then, there was normally either yelling or the booming noise of a

Indian Delight

It had been a long, dark, and stormy day in central New Jersey. A large hurricane had broken up off the coast of the Carolinas, and its remnants were moving up the eastern seaboard. I had not been anxious to tackle the fourteen-hour drive home in such a storm. So, I had slept a little later than usual. It was late morning when I finally checked out of my motel room near Patterson, NJ. The

DarkFyre Chapter Twenty-Three

The inn's stillness and quiet was unnerving, the blackness of the halls and common room below an ominous contrast to the noise and bustle and light that should have been coming from downstairs this early into the night, just a few bare hours after sundown. Even with the flickering light of the candles at their bedside, the dark outside their room was so complete it left even her sharp

Cupboard Love – Part 5

The next day, I got to the office a few minutes early. The journey home the night before and then back to work that morning felt slightly strange, as both were made without wearing any knickers. The journey to work was definitely more interesting as I was now totally hairless between my legs, and the sensation of cool air on my mound served as a constant reminder of what a slut I was. Although

Courtesan Ch. 01

As we become increasingly certain that we have finally discovered the truth, we tend to forget that there is still, almost always an alternate explanation. Jason Mathews, Attorney at law It was 7:30 on a blustery night in late October. The sun had gone down over an hour earlier. A light drizzle and the bitter bite of the frigid north wind made it a miserable time to be outside. Sadly I had

Dickens Of Darkness

The dickens of darkness at times uncoils, As if cloaked in sensuality I mine of lore. In benefaction I bequeath. In swash, I core bite of the tasting apple, Poetically prosing words that fancy me, Enamored by the feminine seethe.  Sheathe in lace and black patent, The mesmerizing swoon of her being, Receiving kisses from my fair maiden. Garnish of the salivating palate,  Zest

Life Changes Chapter Eight

Previously: Straight Mike and gay Luke go to Prague and get more and more physically intimate with each other. The room phone rang. Steve would be by in about fifteen minutes in a taxi to take us to Big Sisters. We got up, dressed, and were in the lobby a few minutes before Steve arrived. He was still in his three-piece suit, while Luke and I were in t-shirts and jeans. "Steve, I've

Truth or dare Mr. Gladwell

"Oh, that's nice, let me fuck you hard," he mumbled, from his bedroom. The thought came to my head that I caught him masturbating, as I stood outside the bedroom door. As a horny eighteen-year-old woman, my desire made me look in there. The door cracked, and the view of him masturbating with his long and thick cock entered my vision. As it only poked out of his pants, my eyes locked onto

My Aunt. Chapter 7

I stood still, trembling with nerves, wearing just a chemise and stockings as Bethany held my chin up with her fingertips and waited, silently. For what, I had no clue. I was afraid, and yet I had no idea what of. Bethany smiled. "There is nothin' to be afraid of, Miss Victoria. Oi told you. You can trust me. Oi won't do anything that will harm you or you arn't 'appy about." Still I

Welcome To My Throat

Welcome to my throat, A warm and narrow moat. Please, do not be alarmed,  If you hear me gag and choke. Entrance is not free, Yes, there is a fee, Payable to pleasure, Mister, I ain't cheap. Crawl into my mind, Let's loose track of space and time. Have open arms to catch me, As I'm falling in divine. You gotta have some flow, You either have it or you don't. Be

Getting in to the Frat Party (Part 1)

This story took place my sophomore year of college. It was one of the first weekends of the year, and that Saturday night one of the biggest fraternities on campus was throwing their annual "Welcome Back" party that's always one of the craziest of the year. The previous year (my freshman year) I heard all about it afterward and saw pictures all over Facebook, but didn't go since I didn't

The Dark Continent – Chapter 4

After the war, Aston had been reassigned to a mission in the Belgian Congo, one of the few protestant missions in BC, where the need for health care and education was great. A missionary was often the primary source of health care for the surrounding area, and the only source of education, and the Catholic missions were unable to provide for the vast territory. There were only a little over


Heat, passion, lust, Full breast, the curve of her hip, Her naked form waking his every desire. Covering her skin with kisses, Hands explore every inch, Feel her respond, drip with hunger, For him, his to feast upon. He drinks at her core, Her mouth on his cock, Finding each other's taste intoxicating. Moans, whimpers, growls, Desperation growing within,