5 Ways to Seduce Her with Your Mouth


You probably know one surefire way to turn her on using your mouth. But that’s not what this story is about. That comes later.

Instead, this is about those first moments after you catch her eye across the bar and she flashes you an inviting “come give me your best shot” smile. Obviously, she’s checked out your look and your posture, the way you interact with your buddies, and all the other subtle cues evolution has pre-programmed her brain to search for when evaluating a potential mate.

From here on out, your mouth will decide whether she deems you a keeper or tosses you back into the pond with your pals. Don’t flounder.

Talk Smart

Women are attracted to “verbal fluency”—a big vocabulary, long, complex sentence structures, and smooth delivery. All of these speech characteristics signal to her that you’re smart, educated, and probably capable of earning lots of dough. As much as you’re able, Use big words and—more than anything else—speaking confidently and without long pauses.

Keep the Smiles to a Minimum

Women regard too much smiling as a sign of femininity and timidity—both of which are turn-offs, according to a study. Researchers asked more than 1,000 people to rate photos of the opposite sex in terms of hotness. Smiling men were judged least attractive by the ladies—behind shame-faced, prideful, or guys with neutral expressions. That doesn’t mean you should be a stone-faced hardass when you approach her. Just lose the permanent grin, the research suggests.

Deploy the Proper Joke

More than any other personality trait, a good sense of humor unlocks the door to her bedroom. Why? Women regard a sense of humor as a sign of intelligence and honesty. But there’s one big catch: Women dig positive, inclusive jokes—not negative jabs or put-downs. Ditch the sarcasm, insults, and unflattering observations of others. Instead, your goal is witty, kind-hearted banter.

Interrupt Her

It sounds rude, but occasionally cutting in to finish her sentences or agree with her—”I feel exactly the same way!”—shows her you’re both on the same page. While men tend to let each other finish sentences, women constantly interrupt one another while chatting. Doing likewise can make her feel more comfortable and close to you, but only if what you say builds on or supports what she’s saying. Cutting in to change the subject is a no-no.

Kiss Her Like You Mean It

She laughed at your jokes and seemed to dig your big words. But the last obstacle is a treacherous one: the first kiss. Blow it, and any interest she had in you can evaporate in an instant. These are the three important elements of a winning starter smooch: Good breath, little-to-no tongue, and assertiveness. Pop a mint on your way out of the bar, take her face in your hands, and look her in the eyes as you lock lips. Keep your mouth relaxed and your saliva to yourself, and you’ll knock her socks off.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 3

Pulling up at Mr. Cramer's house again, he got out of the car and came around to help Amy out. She smiled as he offered his hand to her and once she was out, he went around to get her bag out of the trunk. They walked up to the front door and Amy, remembering his rule about doors, waited patiently for him to open it. "Come in slut," he said, as he closed the door behind her. "Follow

Is a ‘Nipple Orgasm’ a Real Thing?


If you’re lucky enough to have a supple pair of breasts land right in your face, what’s your plan of action? Sure, you could squeeze them, suck on them, or simply just admire them—and you‘d definitely enjoy that. But how do you send her the most pleasure via her breasts—and possibly even make her orgasm? 

First, recognize that each pair of breasts belongs to a person. Learning to touch a woman’s tatas is not like learning to play the piano, where you can memorize exactly where to put your fingers to make music. Breasts are individual, and so every pair must be treated differently.

There’s no way to know how her twins are wired until you ask her, but the size of her breasts and nipples may give you some clues. Research suggests that smaller sets are more responsive than larger ones, since the nerves are closer together. That could mean that she’s more receptive and aroused by breast play. Another study suggests that the same is true of women with large nipples, which are more likely to be sensitive than smaller nipples.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, you can try a technique called “sensate focus.” The goal is to touch your partner as slowly and lightly as you possibly can, circling your fingers around her nipples, her areolae (the part surrounding the nipple), and her breasts. This exercise can “create a slower, more intimate sex session, or it can be used to build toward something more intense.

As for the alleged nipple orgasm? It’s completely legit: Research shows that stimulating a woman’s nipples lights up the same part of the brain as when you target her clitoris, so for some women, the act can bring her to climax. Sadly, there’s no easy how-to guide. You have to play around and learn what kind of pressure, motion, and intensity works for each woman.

If nipple play isn’t her cup of tea—and 7 percent of women say it actually decreases their arousal—try cupping her breasts instead. Touching the surrounding area may feel better.

Awakenings Ch. 15

Friday was spent at Danny's Lounge with Mel and Amy. I brought my laptop computer and devoted most of the afternoon to helping Candy and Raylene organize their finances. Both of them had well over $30,000 sitting in pass book savings accounts. Dancing at Danny's Lounge was clearly a lucrative occupation. While I was helping them four more dancers approached me and asked if I'd be willing

Breaking The Boundaries

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" I screamed to the ceiling of my closet. I hated my closet, I swear. Will was taking me on a mystery date tonight and he told me to wear something black and sexy. And I immediately thought of my Maribor lace open back dress designed by Alexis. At first I couldn't find it. But then I remembered that I lent it to my mother a few months back for a fancy dinner

Hobson's Choice

My boyfriend, Gary, had his mouth pressed to mine, with his tongue touching mine. He was lightly squeezing my bare breast with one hand while his other hand pressed slowly up under my skirt. I'd let him take my pullover shirt off. I'd worn a light pink bra that hooked in the front, and I'd let him unhook it for the very the first time. I'd worn a little skirt that only went down halfway to


I looked into the mirror Of my soul, Saw that it was cracked and broken. I hobbled along only half alive, Tiredly As I sat upon my cemented bed of hope. It had been a long time since I felt it. Love had forsaken and forgotten me, Taken too many pieces of my heart, Leaving me with only pain and regret. Looking down at my hands, Something had fluttered Into my weary vision.

The Boss

This choice will be hard. Which set of beautiful lips shall be kissed? Lipstick covered, smelling of fresh cherries, which have been eaten to destroy me. I will win. I will kiss and suck them until my mouth betrays me. She bites her lips as I lick mine. The time has come to intertwine with her lips.  A smile presses across her face as she slowly uncrosses her legs, and then

Being a Good Girl for Daddy

You told me when we met that we would get to this point one day. You told me that you'd give me detailed instructions and I'd have to follow them to the letter. At the time I wasn't sure how serious you were. All I'd ever seen of you was the calm collected man I'd always known. After receiving your explicit instructions I began to prepare myself as ordered. With my long brown hair tied into

Christening the Shower

Our old house burned to the ground. Fucking arsonist. It was a shock, sure, but luckily we had insurance. We decided that the silver lining to loosing every single thing we owned was being able to build our dream house. We just finished moving into our brand new house, and the last of the new furniture is finally all set up. It had been a long move-in day, and when the last of the movers left,

Grinding with Gretchen

Junior year I transferred to Pine Creek Academy, a private school where the tuition was more than the average annual income back home. PCA was known for its gothic architecture, serious academics, and liberal outlook. Anyone 16 years old with an honors grade-point-average, for example, was eligible for the mixed-sex dormitory known on campus as Chastity Hall. I was still unpacking when

Mr. Jordan (Chapter II)

It had been a few days since Mr.Jordan's welcomed visit, and, as promised, he had sent my parents away on a business trip for the week. They had left a few hours ago, and I was eagerly awaiting his arrival after he finished work. I sat on my bed, which had a great view over our front yard and our street, so I could see when he pulled up. I had on a half-top that was the colour of the

Jill Steps Out; A Cuck is Conceived

As the door closed behind me I looked at my watch. One a.m. I should be home in less than half an hour. It smelled refreshing and invigorating outside. As I walked to my car the last few drops of his semen ran down my leg. My bra and panties were in my purse. I was dressed in my normal work attire, not having showered after. I was sure I was ripe with the fresh sent of rigorous sex. When