A Student And Her Teacher – Part 6

SATURDAY It is early morning, a gentle breeze wafts thorough the open window while raindrops pitter-patter against the pane. The white lace curtains gently sway in the breeze. The soft rustling of the leaves on their branches fills the air as flashes of lightning appear. I watch as (Tiffany) Tif sleeps, her ample breasts and firm stomach rising up ever so slightly with each shallow

Summer Of Firsts – Chapter 9

As you can guess, the following week went by slowly. I got a few 'alone time' moments in the shower to pleasure myself. My sister got caught in her little lie about where she was that weekend, so there was little to no privacy in our room that week. When Sunday rolled around I could barely contain myself. That night I heard a car pull in next door. I peeked out my window to see my

In the Sweet By and By

The day that we met I felt in the air A change in the wind The breeze in my hair A man who had come From far, far away Who would teach me to laugh To live and to play Our time spent together Flew by so fast One moment the first The next one the last You treated me well I felt like a queen Who would have thought Fate to be so mean One day I realized I was as free as

New Release: Jake and Ivy by Jane Leopold Quinn

Jake and IvyJAKE AND IVY


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Ivy Westlake comes alive at her friend’s hacienda in Mexico when she discovers the Flamenco. Her wild side is unleashed in the sensuality of dancing. She will not be forced into a marriage of convenience, so she flees with the dance troupe.

Jake Agee, cowboy, loner, has built a life with no commitments. That explodes in his face when Ivy dances. He spots her again performing in a small California town. He battles his desire to have this woman against his well-honed sense of independence.

Jake and Ivy perform their own style of pas de deux throughout southern California until their passions ignite in a desert cave in the middle of a thunder storm. Jake fights his growing love as Ivy fights her craving for their erotic pursuits. Jake’s long lost brother suddenly and mysteriously surfaces. Will this appearance tear Jake and Ivy apart? Will it destroy their love?

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Missing you

Tiny. Vulnerable. Reliant on us. We've spoken to you every day. You've never replied. We love you. Tiny. Perfect. Needing our love. We've planned our futures together. You've never cried. We love you. Tiny. Unborn. Taken from us. We'll miss you every day. You're our child. We love you.

What She Likes in Bed… Decoded

black women nightie

Just about every sexist cliché will tell you that women are hard to please, both in and out of the bedroom. It’s not that women are hard to please; it’s that women know what they want.

Unfortunately, not every woman feels entirely comfortable expressing her sexual desires. Some women fear judgment, others are more guarded, and still others are asking in less obvious ways that often go unnoticed.

In researching the qualities women desire in a lover, we found that women are hardly asking for the impossible. Take a look at the 7 things women want in bed – after the jump!

1. Be Passionate:

Sure, there’s a time and a place for romance and gentle lovemaking, but what your woman really craves is raw passion. Want her. Take her. Kiss her hard. Make no apologies for how desperately you need all of her.

2. To Be Heard

Make no mistake, women know exactly what they like in bed. Be the kind of sexual partner who will eagerly respond to her guidance on how best to please her. Just know that your efforts will be rewarded and then some.

3. Show Your Pleasure

Allow your facial expressions, body language, and verbal cues to give her insight into what gets you hot. Remember, turning you on is a major turn-on!

4. Sexual Intiimacy

She wants to tell you her deepest, darkest naughty desires so the more open you are about your bedroom fantasies, the more open she’ll be with hers.

5. Focus On Her Whole Body

There are more than a few places on a woman’s body that can bring her pleasure. While the old stand-by’s are tried and true, try focusing on the whole of her body rather than the sum of its parts.

6. Verbal Affirmation

According to a survey, 44 percent of women are turned on by a simple, “I love you” while “You’re so hot!” does it for 26 percent of the ladies.

7. Dirty Talk

Engage her naughty side and tell her exactly what you’re thinking. Tell her what you want to do and then do it!


Life Goes On

The setting sun Reddening the sky Outlining the clouds So bright to the eye It bring promise A good day ahead No rain to be had Or so it is said Next morning comes And bright shining sun The forecast was right A good day for fun With heavy heart I look at the day Through dark shaded glass To myself I say Life is not fair Did nothing to earn The treatment I got The

Like Mother, Like Daughter

If you have read my stories Lynn's Wedding and Vince Redux, you know that Vince is the hottest guy anywhere, and he's far and away the best fuck of my whole 39-year life. My hunky Italian stud and I now manage to spend all weekend, every weekend, in long sexual marathons. And I've never been happier. But once in a while, we leave the bedroom, and I get to trot my hunk out to show him off

Raw Hunger (part 5)

Back at the office Johnathan Black was pacing a hole in the carpet, a mirthless laugh falling in the empty room. He still couldn't figure out how Caleb had successfully caught Shayton way ahead of schedule, or the fact that Ravenwood wasn't going to release him anytime soon. Johnathan was still in deep thought when a knock sounded through the door. Hoping it was Caleb, Johnathan rushed to

New Sex Positions For Every Room In The House


One of the best ways to liven up your sex life? Switch things up. And what’s more out of the ordinary than getting intimate outside of the bedroom? Enticing sexual opportunities abound throughout your house, but you may not know where (or how) to get started. Check out the best ways to get busy in each area of your home.

The Bathroom

Yes, washing up can lead to getting down and dirty. In the shower, face each other and elevate one of your legs on a raised surface, like the side of the tub or a shower bench, as he slides inside. For deeper penetration, bend your body forward from your hips, so your hands can touch the tub, while your partner stands behind you. If shower sex sounds too slippery, you can use the toilet.“Straddle him as he sits on the toilet seat (the cover can be up or down). Face each other and he can easily play with your clitoris for heightened pleasure.

The Kitchen

Men go nuts for you in the kitchen because they unconsciously associate it with being fed and nurtured. Use it to your advantage! A good idea is“the old up-on-the-counter move” (you sit on the counter, and your man stands between your legs). For added adventure, lean against the countertop for support as he enters you from behind for a variation on doggie-style. The cold surface can add a titillating sensation, but you can use dish towels against the hard surface for comfort and warmth. The refrigerator also offers a cool experience—try a standing position in front of the open fridge door.

The Dining Room

Who needs a bed when you have a table? If it can hold the two of you, hop on top for modified missionary with your legs over his shoulders. If your fella would prefer to stand on the floor for a better thrust, sit on the table’s edge and wrap your legs around his hips. You can use the table for oral sex: He sits in a chair at the table and you lie on your back on the table with your feet facing him.

The Living Room

Your couch facilitates a plethora of positions. Using it for leverage gives you a whole new type of entry and pressure. Bend your body over the arm of the couch and have your guy enter you from behind. The cushion of the armrest will keep you comfortable and supported. Or try a variation on the missionary position—lie down and stack a few pillows under your backside to lift yourself for deeper penetration.

The Stairs

Although the stairs aren’t technically a separate room in the house, they’re still a great place to get it on. For safety purposes, use the highest step so you have better balance. Have him lie on the top landing with his back on the floor, so you can get on him in reverse cowgirl while leveraging your legs on whichever steps give you the most support.

One Kiss Too Many (chapter six)

LET'S PLAY KISS AND TELL Donna came back to reality. She had been reminiscing about some of her past sexual exploits, trying to boost her confidence level. After all, she hadn't been out on a date in years. Now, as a single mom, she felt unsure how she would be received. As she stood in front of the mirror brushing her hair, she thought, "A date tonight at The Longhouse, eh? The last time

Friends Share Everything

It was finally here, the night we had all been waiting for. The three of us had found something special together, each of us attracted to the other. My wife and I had met him, almost by accident, and both had been enamoured with him right from the start. I sort of fancied that Chris looked a lot like me. Paula and I enjoyed that he was tall and handsome, athletic and charismatic. Tonight,

The Morning After Mystery

The Morning After Kim's head hurt. She woke up feeling a pounding in her eyes like never before. She slowly tried to move, but her body wasn't cooperating. She lay there for a minute. How did I get here, she thought . It hurt to open her eyes, so she opened them just a hair. It was enough to let in some light, without making her head feel like millions of bombs were exploding inside.

My Aunt. Chapter 19.

The door from the kitchen opened and Bethany put her head around the edge. "Oh, oi'm sorry Mistress, oi 'eard voices. Oi din't know it were you." She caught sight of the dishevelled form of Charlie Manston sitting at the table and she straightened up in sheer panic. "Whoi's 'e 'ere?" she asked, her voice shaky. I went quickly to her side, put my arm around her and told her not to

Dream #4

I stand outside her door, enjoying the cold night air on my neck and hands. She is on the other side of the door, expecting my arrival, and I can feel my heart beating faster. I raise my hand to knock, but stop. I've always knocked, but tonight I don't feel like asking for permission. I grip the knob and turn it slowly. Unlocked. She knows me so well. With a smile I push the door inward and