Summer Of Firsts – Chapter 5

He grinned mischievously, hopping up and running out of the room, his wet sticky cock flopping around as he ran. "I'll go start the shower," he said as he hit the hallway. I stood up feeling his cum now almost cold slide down my body. I raised my arms high above my head into a long stretch, the cum on my neck squishing against my shoulders as my body tightened. I let out a soft moan,

I Now Know Who I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With

I sat there on the couch with my twenty-six-year-old best friend, as it was the last night before he left for the army. "Eighteen hours now, Mitch." "It's only for a year and then I'll be back again, but for good." I was always relived to hear that. We had been best friends since high school and he enlisted right after graduation. They acquired a eighteen-year old blonde and I lost

A Journal of a Woman's Path to Sexual Bliss – Chapter 4

In earlier chapters, I told you about my experience at the beach house with an older guy, older in the way of him being in his mid to late twenties. Since I was going to be a junior in high school and not yet seventeen, mid-twenties seemed ancient to me. I also told you about taking the virginity of a boy that was my best friend from my grade school days. That experience leads me to JD,

Author Profile: Cara Covington/Morgan Ashbury

The only dream Cara ever had was to be a published author. It was a dream formed in childhood and held onto through the business of growing up, getting married, and raising her family.

Being an author was a dream deferred, not a dream abandoned and now she has not one, but two stunning careers.

Under the pen names of Morgan Ashbury and Cara Covington, she writes Erotic Romance for adult women who like something extra with their love stories.

Romance is a wonderful genre that accommodates every other. Comedy, mystery, western, paranormal, suspense, or science fiction, romance embraces them all. Erotic romance gives the reader all of that, and so much more.

For readers who want all the best that Romance has to offer — great characters, compelling stories, and a happy ending — and for those who like their Romance served hot and spicy — she invites you to read one of her novels and tell her what you think.

Morgan Ashbury or Cara Covington — two different pennames, one dedicated author.

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Not A Word To Grace

Pressure was the first thing that hit me - literally - as I groaned reluctantly back to the waking world. Rolling over under the familiar duvet, my forearm draped over my eyes and shielded me from the world that seemed so harsh. My head throbbed so painfully I almost feared my skull might pop like an over-stretched novelty balloon. Cautiously, I opened my eyes and winced, whining as the

Cheaters never win?

Walking out of the bedroom I realize that my ass is very sore. Not just inside, but both of my cheeks as well. Pulling my robe tighter around my body as I walk down the hall, I notice the house seems very quiet. No sound coming from my husband, who should be getting ready for work... That's when the actions of the night before came rushing back to me. I sank down on the stairs in shock,

Look At Life

I look at life As if riding the tail on a kite More of the wind and distance of a thread Un-twining as if being carried away With seashells and echoes of the rising surf  On crest of high tides we sail our full moon With sensual sea salts of our endearing love As if riding the tail on a kite In jubilation of a ball of string

The Littlest Red Hood Part 1

"Don't stop running!" the woman panted, dragging her son with her. The boy was scared and crying. He didn't understand why his sister and father were not running with them. They ran for the hidden cave in the side of the mountain. "It's a little further, son," his mother said as she tried to reassure him. They made it to the river and she paused long enough to pick the small child up

Good-bye Stranger

My naked body lays spread across the bed; exhausted from the few short hours ago you exhausted me. My head is in a different world dreaming as you wake up admiring my big boobs pressed up against the bed, my curvy butt sticking up and my legs spread just enough, so you can see the glistening of my pussy in between them. With a slight nudge, I turn to my side where you pull my back against

The making of Raven

I sat on my bed thinking about how I ended up this way. I never imagined my life would turn out this way, but I think I actually like it. I was working as a legal secretary for a large firm of solicitors. Some of us decided to go for an after work drink. Gradually as the evening went on, my colleagues all drifted off home until I was the last one left. I wasn't in a rush to get home to my

The Offering

The janitor was far from surprised to see light streaming from beneath the door bearing the placard Cameron Baxter, Curator Antiquities , despite the late hour. With a smile and a shake of his head, he continued down the hall, planning to return at the end of his shift - as usual. Inside, Cameron tucked an errant lock of curly, walnut brown hair back behind her ear and sighed. Though

Chanel and Ethan 19

His skin beneath my fingers, I trace feather light patterns on his firm chest. My head is next to my hand as I listen to his heart beat, the steady rhythm of his breathing. His arm is wrapped around my body, relaxed and comforting, and somehow protective. Always protective. I want to be no where else. "What happened tonight?" Ethan asks in a hushed voice. "Some of the best sex I've

Thigh Pillow

(From Dr. Hapmord's files) Patient: Dennis Tominsky Age: 27 Age at time of story: 19 Time: Sometime in May. The end of Freshman Year of college. I woke up on the floor of some dude's house with a screaming headache and one ear smothered against someone's skin. In the dimness of the room I opened my eyes and saw the polyester rug staring back at me. I tilted my head slightly and

Raw Hunger (part 3)

Feeling a weight settle over him, Caleb slowly awoke, noticing how relaxed and well used his body was. His sky blue eyes landed on a weary Shay. A slow rumble against Shay's ears informed him that his lover was awake and laughing at his misery. Moaning with aggravation, Shay resigned to beg for help. "I'm in terrible pain and could use a little help loosening up." With that statement,

Maybe not out of Reach – Part 2 (William)

I had to admit to myself that the last couple of weeks had seemed longer than normal. Yes, I couldn't fault my new PA but I missed Melissa. I caught her scent on the chair that had been hers. Hearing her voice around the office every now and again would just brighten my day. I had heard her laughter a couple of times too. That always makes me smile. I miss her pre-empting me at work, but most